What Can You Expect From an Airport Taxi? 

Chances are that when you first fly into a city that you have never been to that you aren’t going to have a way to get from the airport to the hotel, or where you need to go to put your luggage away. After all, you can’t really bring your... Read more →

4 Mistakes to Avoid on Your Vacation

It’s that time of the year when you are planning a vacation either for yourself or your family. Barely into the preparations, you are already pumped with anticipation and thrill as you wait for the actual holiday. Despite your zeal and motivation... Read more →


As anyone who has been on a cruise before will attest, drinking while on a cruise ship can be extremely enjoyable. Socializing on the cruise ship is much easier when you are slightly inebriated as everyone is friendlier and out to have a good... Read more →
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