4 Mistakes to Avoid on Your Vacation

It’s that time of the year when you are planning a vacation either for yourself or your family. Barely into the preparations, you are already pumped with anticipation and thrill as you wait for the actual holiday.

Despite your zeal and motivation for this vacation, there are certain mistakes that you may make, that will disrupt your whole vacation and remove the fun out of it.

Although everyone expects their vacation to be breathtaking, it is vital that you stay in the know of some factors that may hinder your success in the holiday, and how you can avoid them.

This article will focus on four mistakes that you can make on your vacation.

1.    Poor research

How fun your vacation will be, depends on the state of the facilities that’ll you’ll be using and where you will be staying. Poor research will mean that you may encounter poor services in the hotel you will stay in, miss out on quality facilities, and experience poor transport services.

As part of the preparation, you need to ensure that you have researched all the facilities that you expect to use. If you want a hotel with swimming pools and spas, then research thoroughly.

Look into the locations of the places on your itinerary and compare them with your location to help you cut down on travel costs.

You should also read reviews online about the different places that you want to visit, to avoid wasting your money on some boring place.

2.    Incomplete or Ongoing office work

Going on a vacation while having some pending office jobs is the biggest mistake you can make. The vacation is supposed to pull you away from your office work; however, if it’s still pending, your mind will never be at peace for you to relax.

You should, therefore, ensure that before any vacation, you leave your office in order. Ensure that you complete all your tasks before going on vacation or leave someone in charge to handle your projects.

 Otherwise, you may have to complete some of the jobs on vacation and thus limit the time you have to relax and bond with family. It will be like you never left at all.

3.    Being too uptight

Your vacation period is the only time you will have to relax and be yourself. It is the time when you can put away that serious face you always have on the office and embrace a more friendly and adventurous one.

Therefore, by being uptight on vacation, you are locking away your chance of enjoying adventures, trying out new things, and exploring the wild side that makes you human.

You will then end up with an unsatisfactory vacation and a lot of baggage on your head. To avoid this, learn to balance your work habits and vacation habits.

When in the presence of charismatic people, learn to go with the flow. Involve yourself in the fun activities other travelers are doing.

If on a bali cruise tour, take the chance to try scuba diving or their liveaboard offers, take photos in the beautiful beaches you come across and make friends with the people you meet. This will make the vacation more memorable.

4.    Underbudgeting

For you to maximize on the activities you take part in; you need to be financially prepared for the costs. Underbudgeting for the activities you want will result in dissatisfaction with the vacation. You might even miss out on various exciting adventures.

To avoid this, you need to come up with a detailed budget on which activities you would want to take part in and allocate some extra money for emergencies and unplanned events.

Regardless of your financial capabilities, ensure that you invest well in your vacation as it is the only reward you give yourself for working hard.


Numerous other mistakes may disrupt your vacation experience, causing you to miss out on all the fun. Poor research, workplace inorganization, underbudgeting, and being too uptight are just a tip of the iceberg.

Therefore, whenever you are planning for a vacation, ensure that you avoid these mistakes at all costs.


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