4 Tricks for Selecting the Right Currency Exchange Office

If you choose the right currency exchange office, you can save a lot of money when transferring money to foreign currency. Many people think that most exchange offices are the same, offering the same rates, but this isn’t the case. The exchange rate isn’t the only factor, there are other things to consider when picking a currency exchange office.

  1. Consider the Location

Where you choose to exchange your money is vitally important, there can be significant differences between one area and another. For example, if you choose to exchange money in an airport, you won’t get the same rates as a currency exchange bureau located in the city. You’ll find several companies who offer some of the cheapest currency exchange in Melbourne based in the city. The main reason why it will be costlier to exchange in an airport in comparison to a city is the rental costs, competition also plays a factor.

If one currency exchange company has a monopoly in the airport, they are free to impose whatever fees, rates and commissions they like.

  1. Trade Policy

If you come across an exchange office which tells you that all the rates are the same no matter where you go, they aren’t telling you the truth. Some businesses will offer commission free or no fee services while others won’t, you’ll be guaranteed to find different rates in each exchange bureau that you enter. They are a business after all, so it is up to them what conversion rate or service they wish to provide. Although they are subject to regulation, their primary goal is to make money by buying and selling currency.

Each exchange office freely decides what service they’ll provide to their customers, they can choose to abolish fees or include commission, this helps them to make a profit on each transaction.

  1. Supply & Demand

Each currency exchange office is different, some are more active in the money market than others. The larger the order they encounter, the cheaper it becomes for them. It works the same as in any business, the unit price drops as the demand gets greater. If you are going to get popular currencies like the euro, dollar or sterling, you’ll have no problems, they are available in all exchange offices. But certain offices specialise in a particular currency depending on their trading strategy. Because the volume is different, it affects the price.

  1. Services

The rate a currency exchange chooses to offer is often dependent on the type of services they provide. A variation in cost can be a result of a particular type of service that the company provides which has an impact on their rates. Try to choose the specific service you need.

There are many ways to get a great exchange rate when buying or selling cash, once you consider the points mentioned in this article you should have no issues choosing a reputable exchange bureau which offers top rates and services. Do some research on the currency you are going to buy and go in with some knowledge.


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