Accommodation details for first time travelers: Ooty

One of the most alive and fascinating hill station that is also famous for its breath taking views. Ooty is one of the favorite and most recommended places when it comes to planning a trip in pleasant place. This place is already famous for various things; one of the main factors that boost the amount of visitors is food especially if you have an obsession for chocolates. You can taste or even buy handmade delicious chocolates from ooty’ local market. Not only that, you should taste chocolate fudges, cakes and bread too.

 Adventurer lovers, this place are a boon for you!  Spend your day in trekking on high mountains of niligri hills, horse riding in North Lake, hang gliding in kalahatty, and last but definitely not the least do biking on bumpy roads in the famous forests.  For enjoying the place, Best Time To Visit ooty is summer, in between march – June. In these months, the weather in ooty contains less humidity so you can enjoy the pleasant atmospheres in ooty. So coming back to the topic, if you are planning on visiting here then it’s important to understand the accommodation details, as you understand that for a memorable tour you need a perfect planning.

Places for staying: know about the options

  • Cottage: if you are looking for private, cozy and homey feeling place for stay. Then there are several cottages in this place with mind- blowing sceneries on different area,
  • Resort: if you are not having any budget crises, then book a resort and enjoy the amazing views on fascinating locations. Not only that, you will get multiple extra facilities like personal spa, swimming pool etc.
  • Hotel: check out various grand hotels which provide amazing services on com ooty. The best thing about the hotels that it can be flexible according to your budget
  • Motels: if you are looking for rooms for one day or two day tour then motels are a great option that can save your money. It’s an great option for those who is facing limited budget problem

How to visit: transportation services for/ in ooty

this doesn’t have a airport so that mean there is no flight services , however you can take connected flights from different cities in India and from there you can take local buses for ooty. There are various travel tourist companies who provides personal rented vehicles for a day.


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