Expanding Your Business into Asia? Don’t Fly Full Price


When taking your business international you and your associates will likely need to make a few trips while cementing new relationships.  Flights to Asia can be time consuming and exorbitantly expensive.  While biting the bullet and emptying your wallet appears to be the only way to go, sometimes seeking out lower cost alternatives are the smart choice in the long run.

Compare and Save

When checking out cheap business class flights to Asia, it pays to do some comparison shopping. Airfares for First and Business class seats fluctuate wildly between carriers. You can spend an extra $1,000 on the same seat while sitting in the plane with recognizable logo on the tail. Is it really worth it? Most international flights leave from the same terminal, so you won’t be losing time finding your gate upon departure and you’ll enjoy a cocktail in your favorite lounge while waiting.

Same Time/Same Comforts

It is going to take between twelve and eighteen hours to reach your destination in Asia no matter with what company you booked your ticket. The fancy ads on television don’t make their planes fly any faster or magically add legroom to their standard business class cabin. You will be able to enjoy the same complimentary cocktail and receive the same WiFi on cheap business class flights to Asia. Is spending the extra cash really worth it?

Your Flight is Not the Board Meeting

You might be heading to Hong Kong or Tokyo for a big meeting to finalize the deal.  You’ll be meeting with their top executives while working to expand your domestic operations.  However, you are not impressing anybody by wasting cash on that guaranteed plane ticket that was personally delivered by a courier. In fact, your accounting department and CFO will thank you for putting some of the green back into the black column

Spend the Money Where It Shows

You’ve been given a budget for the trip to China. While the generous amount will easily cover a luxurious flight with door to door limo, by checking out cheap business class flights to Asia, you now have enough cash left over for that new tailored suit, shoes and a haircut. Combined with your winning attitude and charming smile, you have just cornered the market on sealing the deal. Now there will be plenty of money in the future for an all-inclusive European cruise.

Your plans for a trip to Asia may be the most important moment in your career, but there is no reason that you must pay top rack rates when you can find cheap business class flights to Asia with just a little extra effort. Impress your company and your bank account by seeking out alternatives that put you in the winning column.


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