How to Select Hotels with Conference Rooms?

A lot of hotels will make online claims about having the best conference rooms available. If you end up booking the wrong place then you may jeopardize the whole event. Being an event coordinator or being in charge of hotel bookings means you have to be very diligent about the place you book.

But what are the parameters that you should look at carefully when you are booking a hotel with conference room? How do you select an ideal hotel avec salle de congrès?

Check the Location

Look up the location of the hotel on Google Maps. It would be good to book a hotel that is easy to locate and can be accessed easily with available transport. If you are arrange a business meet then the chances are that many people would come directly to the hotel from airport or railroad station and post the event travel back again. For such business travellers, it is better to have the venue closer to their mode of transportation.

Check the Accommodation

Many people may who attend business meets and conferences prefer to stay overnight at the hotel either before the conference or post the conference. Check if your hotel is good for accommodating these people or not. And if yes, check the quality of the rooms and the discounts that you can avail of because of the scale of your bookings.

Check the Conference or Meeting Room Size

Hoteliers at times overcommit when it comes to booking for corporate or personal events. If their conference room can accommodate 160 people, they might go ahead and claim 200. What this ends up doing is that it will make the whole event cramped up with not enough space available to the guests to move around. If you are intending to set up round tables then that would make the room seem smaller. So it is better to double check the size and the capacity of the conference room.

Check for Memorabilia

There are some hotels who do offer assistance with arranging memorabilia or takeaway gifts for the attendees of the event. Check if your hotel can help you with arranging something like this for your guests. If yes, then it would be good to discuss with them what they can arrange and how much it would cost you. It would be ideal to have that piece taken care of by the hotel itself.



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