The Fun-Filled Beach Activities You Can Do With Your Dog in Fernando De Noronha, Brazil

Are you all set to plan for a vacation with your dog? If you guys have already tried camping, hiking through the long trails, then why not this time choose for a beach vacation? If your dog is fit enough to travel long journeys, then planning for Brazil can be exciting. Carry all the essential documents, food, medicines and buy affordable dog carrier backpacks while preparing to leave for this amazing off shore Latin American getaway.

What to see and do in this exotic island destination of Brazil?

Best beaches and activities:

Extensive pristine beaches are the top attraction of Fernando de Noronha. Two major beaches of this island destination are Baí­a do Sancho and Praia do Leí£o. This is a honeymooners’ paradise. Couples can enjoy their union in the beautiful natural aura. Waterfalls, geysers, fountains and pools attract these travelers. This island houses variety of aquatic birds.

These beaches are also the ideal destination for surfers. Fernando de Noronha is best known for water activities that this island offers to both the travelers. Swimming, scuba diving, diving and water rides are some of the best water activities that the tourists can explore. Besides, there are a variety of beach activities offered as well.

Visitors enjoy the spectacular scenic beauty of Baí­a dos Porcos that is located opposite to the famous Morro dos Dois Irmaos and is world famous for memorable views, multicolored water, various natural pools, and so on. Tourists might never forget to explore the exotic Dolphins Bay Site.

Underwater activities at Fernando de Noronha:

Fernando de Noronha is famous for the underwater activities. This island is indeed the diver’s paradise.  Usually, the amateurs are guided completely by experts, while the experts carry their own tanks and wear their own suites and set out for skin-diving. There are many local schools that offer beginner’s training to skin-dive that is really inspiring.

Canoeing and Boat Tours:

Those who are trained rowers can take a boat and set out for canoeing here in Fernando de Noronha. Otherwise there are boats available with professional boatmen who take near about 15 passengers in one boat and set out from Port of Santo Antonio. Take your dog for this adventure trip too if he/she is not scared of water.

This is how tourists can explore Fernando de Noronha, one of the greatest tourist attractions in Brazil and is popular for being a great location for pet vacationing.



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