As anyone who has been on a cruise before will attest, drinking while on a cruise ship can be extremely enjoyable. Socializing on the cruise ship is much easier when you are slightly inebriated as everyone is friendlier and out to have a good time. If you are anxious about being on a ship for a long duration, a little alcohol can go a long way in reducing your anxiety.

When drinking on a cruise ship, the goal is to have a good time without embarrassing yourself or interfering with other people’s enjoyment. That is why it is important to follow a few guidelines in order to ensure that you are getting the most out of drinking on the cruise. These guidelines include:

  1. Choose the beverage package

If you know you are probably going to indulge significantly while in the cruise ship, then it is probably best to choose the beverage package. A beverage package is ideal because it will help you control how much you spend while on the cruise as well as assist you monitor and control the amount of alcohol that you consume.

Most cruises have a variety of beverage packages so be sure to choose one that fits your budget and your needs.

It is also advisable to purchase the beverage package early preferably when you are booking your cruise vacation. If you wait to purchase on the cruise, you might find that you do not have the money to purchase the most ideal package for you. In addition, attempting to purchase it when you have already boarded could have you thinking twice about the purchase because you view it as a luxury.

Purchasing the package early saves you from both these scenarios.

  1. Order for a bottle

Another way to maximize on your drinking while on the cruise is to order a bottle with your meal. Most cruise lines including Labuan Bajo Cruise allow you to order a bottle with your meal, and if you do not finish, you can have it with your next meal.

This is a great way to save money on the cruise especially if you are a light drinker. It is much cheaper this way than purchasing your drink by the glass in every meal. In addition, it is an excellent Idea if you want to keep tabs on how much you consume while on the cruise.

  1. Carry your own

You might not know this, but many cruises that allow you to bring a specific amount of alcohol on-board. You will be required to finish the alcohol on your first night, but it still is an excellent money saving tip while on the cruise. Find out the specific rules that the cruise line has in regards to bringing your own alcohol as well as the amount you are allowed to bring on-board.

Refrain from trying to sneak alcohol onto the ship as you will definitely be caught, which will lead to a lot of embarrassment.

  1. Themed cruises

If you really want to kick back, let loose, and indulge in copious amounts of alcohol, then consider a themed cruise. For instance, if you want to experience great wines while cruising over the ocean, then consider choosing a wine-themed cruise. You can also choose a beer or whiskey one if these are your preferred drinks.

  1. Look out for deals

Most cruises will subtly advertise happy hours for each bar in the ship. Be sure to look through the cruise’s daily newsletter as well as bar menus. These happy hours differ from bar to bar, and the discounts as well as the discounted drinks also differ. It is important that you seek out these deals in order to spend less on some of your favourite drinks while on the cruise.


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